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October 3rd, 2019


Here’s an exercise that’s worth trying with anyone you know.  It’s particularly good with new acquaintances.


Give the person the premise:


You suddenly have infinite money.  Not just billions or trillions, but Infinite money.  You quite literally can’t spend all of it, nor can it ever run out, nor will this source of money ever be taken away from you.


Now, after your period of hedonism.  Because everyone is going to go travelling, or drink the most expensive wine, or buy ungodly amounts of shoes and nice coats, and all that stuff and that needs to get out of the way. 


And that’s the thing… this period of hedonism and gluttony would get old.


The only real reason that such things are so appealing to us now is because we can’t do this.  It’s like a dog chasing it’s tail.  The moment it catches it’s tail, it no longer knows what to do.


But back to the question:


After all that hedonism had run it’s course….


what would you do?




Ask yourself the question.  And then ask others.  It’s been well tested and it works wonders to peel back the layers and reveal interesting things about people.

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