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April 16th, 2018

Welcome to Tinkered Thinking. 


The focus of these episodes and posts is encapsulated in the title.  It’s all about how to tinker with your own thinking.  It’s the hypothesis of this platform, that progress is best achieved with a constant, consistent effort, influence and pressure.  Think about the effect water has on stone.  A consistent drip will eventually drill a hole through that stone if given enough time, whereas a real drill risks cracking the stone in an effort to try and achieve the same. 


Regardless of the competing and conflicting studies regarding neuroplasticity, it is clear that people can change.  And while there may be outliers who can change overnight, the large majority of us seem better served by a slower, gentler process.  A process that can often feel frustratingly slow for those yearning for change. 


Tinkered Thinking seeks to serve anyone who has this undertaking.  Indeed, it’s the continued hypothesis of this platform that some kind of development continually occurs in all of us regardless of whether it is thoughtfully directed or not.  All of us can recognize in others the results of such developmental trends: whether it be an unfortunately bitter person, or someone who has acquired amazing skill from long practice, or even the lines in someone’s face that shows just how much laughter has filled their days, all of us can recognize the results of trends in other people’s thought.


Tinkered Thinking will draw analogies from everywhere in life to try and elicit helpful perspectives and questions to loosen up mindsets and potentially create some wiggle room in order to point in new and better directions.


Everyday, starting today, for a minimum of one year, a podcast will be released with an adjoining post.  Both will be nearly identical and the reasoning behind this is simple:  Some people like to read, and others like to listen.


Most of these episodes will be quite short, and the philosophy behind this is for everyone listening to have something to turn to, some new thought available every day…. without sacrificing hours of time. 


It’s worth remembering that stones become smooth not by floods but by the slow, constant movement of rivers.  For at least the year, Tinkered Thinking will seek to be that slow, constant influence for anyone looking for it.


Over two hundred episodes are already written, and ready to go..


So stay tuned if you’re ready to tinker with the way you think.


Remember to visit and if down the line you find this material valuable, you can always visit our support page and make a one time contribution or signup for a small monthly contribution.  Any support is always deeply appreciated, and of course that extends to sharing this content.  If you hear or read something on this platform that you think would benefit others or someone in particular, it’s an fantastic show of support just to share it.


Until tomorrow, this is Tinkered Thinking.

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