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May 27th, 2018

In school, barely passing means you level-up.

In life, you have to go above-and-beyond in order to ‘level-up’.

That’s a huge disconnect.

Conditioning young humans for years and years that just passing will get you to the next level is seriously undermining their understanding of how life will work in their future.

12 years of this bullshit is a very hard mental construct to escape.  That’s a bad habit cross-bred with a very reliable and reoccurring process that easily creates expectation.  No wonder reality is so daunting for so many after the cute orderly structure of school ends.

Video games are much better.  You don’t get to level-up until you destroy a fucking boss. 

Who’s the boss now?

Oh hey, that sounds like real-world talk..

School doesn’t have bosses to battle against over and over until you’ve gotten good enough to…

After school, the bosses are not obvious. They certainly are not properly defined with due dates and grades. Becoming physically fit, controlling emotions, setting goals. Life’s ‘bosses’ are of all shades and kinds, many of them have been paired to us for a long time. Quiet bosses that secretly guard us from better, more fulfilling lives.

Sometimes, you have to invent a boss to beat in order to…


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