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August 1st, 2019


Most people carry around a bucket of mud in their heads.  Without some sort of filter, or drain, there’s little or no ability for all the negative unhelpful stuff that pops up in the course of mental life to get out of the head.


The image of the prospector comes in useful here: how far would a prospector get if he tried to sift for gold with a solid bucket?  Well a solid bucket allows for no sifting at all.  There’s no way to drain out the useless stuff.


Imagine for a moment, someone who thinks a useless, unhelpful thought regularly for years and years.  Perhaps there was an embarrassing episode that no one else remembers that is a constant source of re-embarrassment.  It’s like a wild animal trapped inside the cage of the skull, wreaking havoc, allowing no space for any other potentially useful thoughts.



Only by letting that whack-thought of an animal out of the brain can we make space for another thought or idea that has any hope of being helpful, pleasurable or beneficial.


But instead, many people carry around a bucket of useless mud in terms of the thoughts and concepts that inhabit their mind.


What’s in your bucket?

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