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May 22nd, 2018

Doesn’t matter what it is, there once was the first person to do it. That person didn’t have the instructions.




They figured it out as they went.

The instructions were written afterwards.







And then everyone else learns in the wrong order: We are given instructions and then take action.

This pattern does not teach us how to discover, how to invent, how to progress. This process only perpetuates what has already been discovered and invented. It holds us at the current point of progress. Allowing us no further.







To move forward, we must operate backwards:

Take action. Figure it out.

Then write the instructions.








Do not confuse plans with instructions.

Plans come before action. Instructions come after action.

Instructions are sure-fire ways to do something. 

Plans are educated guesses

Plans should be tentative, flexible and mutable... if they are going to be of any use.

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