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April 29th, 2018

Why not try any available strategy to make it happen? Even if we don’t like it. Perhaps the more important question is why don’t we like it? 

Plants and trees strike their roots out in every direction possible. Just to cover their bases. You never know where the goods are going to be. 

Zig Ziglar might have a bunch of religious things to say, but does one potentially unattractive aspect taint the whole thing? Maybe. But if things are truly not good. Isn’t “I’ll take what I can get” or “I’ll use what I’ve got” a better strategy than the cynicism, nihilism, and the overly-critical mindset that got us to such a low point? Isn’t denying one’s self the potential good of something that’s not perfect, a limitation and a potential hindrance to making progress? . . .Much like the one little limiting religious aspect of the exuberant lecture that might make it seem for some like a claustrophobic turn-off? 

Shunning everything that might help simply because it’s not perfect, invariably limits us. From the benefits, from the growth, from the chance to develop a smarter mind, that can pick out all the useful, nutritious pieces for a future self, a better self. 

Identifying negatives for the sake of more inaction has a negative impact on us. It’s like passing up a free $5 because it’s not a ten dollar bill. 

If we’re really drowning, we’ll grab for anything. 

If we’re really drowning, we’ll break all limits of our personal bubble and reach out. 

If we’re really drowning, what have we got to lose?

First we must sample all the Kool-Aides.  And then we must cherry-pick, mix and match the flavors that will work just for us.

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